We aren’t just bridging the gap…

It all began with a dream…

The Gap Project started as a little girl’s dream in her childhood bedroom… but what is it today?

Bridging the Gap

Regardless of where their passion lies, The Gap Project is dedicated to helping every child step out of the shadow a bank account can cast, and into the spotlight of their very own show.

From ballet and theatre, to football and soccer…

The Gap Project is passionate about making all extracurricular activities accessible and being present in our community. Learn more about how we do this below!

We can’t close the gap alone!

Were you once a star soccer player, a budding ballerina, or the next great artist? Are you a parent, a student, or simply just passionate about making opportunities more accessible in our community? No matter your journey, we need your help to support the next generation of artists and athletes! Click here to learn more about how you can help close the gap!

Want to learn more?

Reach out here! We’d love to hear from you for new ideas, questions, comments, and more! The sky is the limit.

We are trying to get rid of it all together.